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TCO Meerkatsu/Scramble "Gentle Omoplata" T-Shirt Gray

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This one-of-a-kind tee was designed by the incredibly talented and well known Seymour Yang, better known as Meerkatsu (www.meerkatsu.com), along with the good folks at Scramble (www.scramblestuff.com). It depicts a Japanese princess defeating an Oni (Japanese demon) via omoplata. Her serene and gentle expression masks the brutal efficiency of the technique. It's the essence of jiu-jitsu, the gentle art, and is a metaphor for good vs. evil—our community vs. cancer.

Kids sizes available!

The shirt is a 100% cotton premium fitted Next Level tee. Cut long with a high thread count for extreme softness and comfortable fit. The women's shirt is a female cut (which ironically isn't the one our model is wearing in the photo, so imagine it a little slimmer and the sleeves a little shorter). 

As always, every purchase helps us take another step towards defeating cancer!

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